Laser Lavel Flooring Technology

Laser Screed is the innovative technology for the laying of concrete industrial floors with planimetric control. The Concrete floors made with the Laser Screed method are safe and perfect for applications in different types of companies. Practical and aesthetically beautiful to look at, perfectly smooth and smooth, a reason why even the cleaning of these floors is relatively simple, even if it must be done with appropriate products.

Our Concrete Laser Flooring technology, a specialises in commercial and industrial flooring producing high quality concrete flooring. We provide concrete flooring solutions, crack and joint repair, as well as the design and construction of seamless flooring. BGSB is market leader in India for industrial flooring solutions.

We are expert contractors of Laser Screed and Automatic Truss Screed machines for the construction of super flat flooring. The Laser Screed machine used by us is a fully automatic and 100 percent remote-controlled machine having a telescopic boom extension arm to get the best in class FF-50 grade flatness.